A Parish History

REMARKS AT THE ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION FOR RECONCILIATION/ZION ON SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2022, HELD IN THE OUTDOOR CHAPEL AT ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH by Elaine F. Davies I want to start with a prayer for the Middle Aged taken from a Reconciliation 1963 newsletter. “Lord, Keep me from the fatal habit of thinking that I must sayContinue reading “A Parish History”

The Evangelist Windows

In order to view these stained glass windows you will have to pass the altar rail and head for the back altar.  As you stand before Burnham’s beautiful Reconciliation window with its deep blues and reds, turn to your left and right. There you will see the Evangelist Windows, also designed and fabricated by BurnhamContinue reading “The Evangelist Windows”

The Reconciliation Window

When you enter the Church of the Reconciliation, your eyes are drawn up to the altar where a magnificent stained glass window of brilliant color captures your gaze. it is the Reconciliation Window, one of six windows in the church designed and fabricated by Wilbur Herbert Burnham, a master stained glass craftsman and designer andContinue reading “The Reconciliation Window”