Change the Babies

This Lenten season, in partnership with our brothers and sisters of Zion Lutheran Church, we are focusing our support on the “Change the Babies” campaign benefiting the Mampong Babies Home in Ghana.

The Home houses 20 to 30 children whose mothers did not survive childbirth. Because of extreme poverty, illness, or other reasons the family cannot take care of the children and they are sent to the Home. In addition, the Home typically finds 2 or 3 babies a year abandoned by the river by destitute families. They are left there in the hopes they will be found and cared for.

Children stay from 4 to 5 years. It costs approximately $1,500 per year to raise a baby from birth to 5 years old at the Home.

Throughout this Lenten season, we will collect our spare change and make a collective donation to the Home. This diocese-wide mission is truly God’s work. Here we are truly making “our hands his hands.”

Update: Members from the Church of the Reconciliation and Zion Lutheran Church together raised $1500 from our Mampong Babies Home fundraiser, which will support one baby for an entire year.

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