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What do you need to know to worship with us?

If you are seeking a new spiritual home, the Church of the Reconciliation may be just the place for you. If you are like most “seekers,” you may be a bit hesitant about making your first visit here. You may be wondering what kind of worship we do, or what the people are like, or what the Pastor’s sermons are like. We hope you’ll find the answers to those questions here.

First and foremost, we are a Christian church in the Episcopal tradition. We come together to worship in prayer and music, and in the sharing of the Holy Eucharist (Mass). Fellowship is very important to us, and we are always ready to welcome newcomers. Outreach into the local, national and international community is the foundation of our ministry.

Since we offer Holy Eucharist (Communion) at all of our Sunday services, you should know that everyone is welcome to receive. It makes no difference what church you have attended in the past, or if it has been many years since you attended anywhere. If you have not been baptized, but would like to be, please talk to the Pastor after the service. 

If you are unsure how we receive Holy Communion in our parish, please read the information presented in the Sunday bulletin you will receive when you come into church. 

Generally, we are an informal gathering of people from the greater Webster-Dudley area. There is no need to “dress up” for our Sunday worship. Wear whatever is comfortable for you. We do ask, however, that you do not wear tee shirts or other clothing that exhibits words or sentiments that may be offensive to others.

We love having children participate in our services. Though we do need to be respectful of the worship needs of others, we have no problem with “children being children” during the service. We do not expect that they will sit in complete silence for an hour. We rely on each parent to decide whether their child is being disruptive to others. We don’t have a nursery, but there is a small area in the back of the church where small children can look at a book, play with a quiet toy, or color.

If you are concerned about not being able to make a financial contribution to our parish during your first few visits, please put this concern aside. Though our church, like others, does need financial support from its members in order to meet its financial obligations, we understand that making contributions may be difficult for some individuals and families. Please do not let this keep you from worshiping with us! In time, if you decide to become a member of the parish, our Pastor will meet with you to discuss how you may support the church.

Worried about not knowing the details of our service of Holy Eucharist? Don’t be. The Sunday bulletin provides a “play by play” description of prayers, actions, music, etc. If you are from a Roman Catholic, Lutheran, or Methodist background, you will find our service very familiar. If you’re still unsure, please feel free to ask whoever is sitting near you. We are a friendly bunch, and eager to help out those who are new.

We hope this answers some of your initial questions about worshiping with us. If there are things we’ve missed, please call Pastor Michael at 508-330-8073. We are happy to hear from you.

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