Joint Mission and Outreach Opportunity

SHARE GOD’S GRACE AND LOVE WITH THE WORLD! OFFER CARE AND COMFORT TO OUR NEIGHBORS WHO NEED IT MOST! Zion and Reconciliation are supporting one another again in global ministry. We are beginning a collection of items for Lutheran World Relief personal care kits which will be shipped to locations where people have been displaced by human conflict or devastations of nature. In addition to providing care, comfort and a ChristIan message of love, these items contribute to healthy hygiene, sorely needed during the CoVid pandemic.  These kits have been distributed in El Salvador, Uganda, Peru, Syria and Bosnia in years past. It will be interesting to track the destination of our gifts this year.  You may donate the following items at ANY time until May 23. Please remember you may donate any part of this kit or all items of a kit! The collection and assembling for shipping  is VERY SPECIFIC so please follow these guidelines and numbers.ALL assembling will take place after the Pentecost service at Zion May 23rd All are invited to join us for this fun intergenerational activity!!!

  •  April 25- SINGLE adult sized toothbrush in original packaging 
  •  May 2- sturdy comb suitable for ethnic hair (please remove packaging)
  •  May 9-sturdy metal nail clippers (please remove packaging)
  •  May 16-dark colored, less expensive quick to dry light weight bath towels,   max 52” by 27”
  •  May 23- bars of soap in original wrapping, either (two) 4-5 ounce bars OR (three) 3 ounce size bars.

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